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Periodic Table of Swearing

1 C1Cunt 2IIA 14IVA 15VA 16VIA 17VIIA T2Tit
2 Sc3Stupid Cunt F4Fuck Ck1Cock SYMBOLATOMIC NUMBERSWEARING P5Prat Bs6Balls By7Bloody Sd8Sod Yllt9You Look Like A Tit
3 Sfc10Stupid Fucking Cunt Fc11Fucking Cunt 3IIIA 4IVB 5VB 6VIB 7VIIB 8 9VIIIB 10 111B 12IIB 13IIIA Yp12You Prat Fbti13Fucking Balls To It Bh14Bloody Hell St15Sod This Ta16Titting About
4 Tfc17Total Fucking Cunt Fy18Fuck You Mf19Mother Fucker S20Shit B21Bollock A22Arsehole Bd23Bastard Ck24Cock W25Wank Wr26Whore As27Arse Tw28Twat Pss29Piss Egp30Easy Going Prat Fba31Fucking Ballache Bfs32Bloody Fucking Shit Bos33Bugger Off You Sod Upt34Useless Pair Of Tits
5 Soc35Stupid Old Cunt Fo36Fuck Off Mfa37Mother Fucking Arsehole Si38Shit It Bks39Bollocks Ba40Big Arsehole Fob41Fucking Old Bastard Cs42Cocking Shitter Bw43Bullshitting Wanker Fow44Fucking Old Whore Ai45Arse It Two46Twat Him One Slp47Stinks Like Piss Ph48Prat In A Hat Sb49Shitting Ballbreaker Bfh50Bloody Fucking Hell Ysfs51You Stupid Fucking Sod Gmt52Getting On Me Tits
6 Ysfc53You Stupid Fucking Cunt Fa54Fucking Arseholes Ow55Outta The Mother Fucking Way Sffb56Shit For Fucking Brains Lob57Load Of Bollocks Lra58Looking Like A Right Arsehole Sb59Silly Bastard Ufc60Useless Fucking Cock Sow61Stupid Old Wanker Lw62Local Whore Yba63You Big Fucking Arse Bot64Buggering Old Twat Pac65Pissed As A Cunt Sp66Shitting Prat Gfb67Grow Some Fucking Balls Sbn68Shut Your Bloody Noise Sty69Sod The Lot Of You Bt70Blue Tit
7 Ysfac71You Stupid Fucking Arseholing Cunt Cfb72Christ On A Fucking Bike Mfm73Mother Fucking Mother Fucker Sft74Shitting Fucking Tit Btt75Bollocks To That Afg76Arseholes For Goalposts Bft77Bastard Fucking Tit Cg78Cock Garage Flw79Face Like A Wanker Wa80Whoring It About Foa81Fuck Right Off Out Of It You Arse Tp82Twat pack Piw83Pissing Into The Wind Pc?84Who's The Prat In The Corner? Ogb85Only Got One Ball Wh86What The Bloody Hell's going On Here Sfo87Sod The Fuck Off Oo88One Tit Bigger Than The Other
PISSED UP Spc89Stink Like A Piss Ceefax Pa90Plant's Arsehole Ctg91Council Tit Gristler Kfc92Your Kunting Me Fucking Head Out Cunt Pgc93Piss In A Git Cup Acf94Acting Like A Cock Snake On Plant Food Fls95Face Like A Shitflap Tcp96Two Cunts In A Piss Factory Icc97International Cunt Circus Sop98Shit Me Own Piss Pwc99Pringle Wearing Cunt Hbi100Hammer The Bollock Out Of It Afb101Arshole For A Brain Sbb102Shitting A Fucking Breeze Block

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